Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Music from Copy, Coyote Bones, Minus Story, and People Noise

Kind of a busy day here, but there's always time for really good and totally free music...here are four songs totally worth your while. Put them in your Zune and go walk a mile while the weather's still nice...

Copy - "Closet Face" mp3

"...mingling the lush pop of Tears for Fears, OMD, Dr. Dre, Yaz, Pinback and Giorgio Moroder with the musical intricacy of Aphex Twin and Coltrane. "

Coyote Bones - "Grand Eclipse" mp3

...featuring members of Bright Eyes, Azure Ray, Tilly and The Wall, Now It's Overhead, The Faint and others.

Minus Story - "Stitch Me Up" mp3

"...an epic & anthemic cross between Pearl Jam, Queen, Brian Eno, and Roxy Music."

People Noise - "The Killing Fields" mp3

...featuring Ex-VHS or Beta guitarist Zeke Buck.

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