Saturday, April 14, 2007

Kaiser Chiefs Review, Running With Aesop Rock, Tribeca Film Festival Picks

The Kaiser Chiefs were fantastic at Roseland Thursday night. Despite a less than stellar sound mix (that made sets by The Annuals and The Walkmen hard to listen to), the Chiefs proved again that they are one of the best live bands on the globe. NME review here.

I've been running to Aesop Rock's "All Day", the third of the Nike+ Original Run series of workout songs commissioned by the shoe company. About 45 minutes long, it's all over the place stylistically, but in a good way. It starts the way I start when I'm running...medium paced and light, and progressively gets harder and funkier, cycling the runner through pacing just right to make it through to the end a workout of that length. If you are a medium paced runner, this track (as well as the previous tracks in the series by The Crystal Method & LCD Soundsystem) are ideal for 5k or 5-mile road races. I'm going to try one out on my Zune at the race through the Lincoln Tunnel next weekend.

Aespo Rock - "All Day (Nike+ Original Run excerpt) mp3 buy

Tickets for The Tribeca Film Festival go on sale to the general public tomorrow (Sunday the 15th). As usual, the fest has an amazing line-up of music-related fare. Here are a few I'm going to try to see:

DJ Spooky's 'Rebirth of a Nation' - Featuring Spooky's live mix at The Winter Garden.

Planet B-Boy - Documentary about the global resurgence of break-dancing, and various crews' preparation for the "Battle Of The Year".

Scott Walker - 30 Century Man - A look at the reclusive artist as he records a new album, featuring interviws with Brian Eno, David Bowie, Jarvis Cocker, and Radiohead.

This is England - Drama about Punks, Mods & Skins in 1983's Northern England.

The True Legend of Tony Vilar - A mockumentary style, half-true, half-imagined tale based on the story of real-life singer Tony Vilar. Born in Italy, he later moved to Argentina and became one of the most popular crooners in 1960's Latin America, then mysteriously disappeared, leaving a faint trail apparently leading to New York City.

and A Walk into the Sea: Danny Williams and The Warhol Factory - A portrait of Danny Williams - Warhol's onetime lover, collaborator and filmmaker, offering an engaging exploration of the Factory era, an homage to Williams' talent, and a compelling inquiry into Williams' mysterious disappearance at age 27.

The Tribeca Film Festival runs from April 25 to May 6. Tickets here.

A great list of free TFF events here.

Midnight Movies - "Patient Eye" mp3

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