Friday, April 13, 2007

New season of The Henry Rollins Show starts tonight

I don't watch a whole lot of TV, but one of the season passes on my TiVo is for The Henry Rollins Show on IFC. I was thrilled to see it's got a whole new season of Rollins' ranting, raving, and insightful interviews all lined up for me, starting with the season debut tonite at 11 pm ET, featuring an interview with Marilyn Manson, and musical guest Peaches. Here's a preview.

I'm also psyched that IFC is kicking off the new Rollins season with Henry Rollins: Uncut From Israel tonite at 9:30 pm ET. This 90-minute special was taped during Rollins' recent trip to Israel where he performed two nights in Tel Aviv. I have no idea what to expect from that show, but I've never not loved any of his spoken word performances that have been broadcast.

Check out this week's exclusive web-only performance of Peaches, "Hit It Hard," here.

And here is a web-only Peaches interview from that same performance.

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