Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Oasis..."Mind, Shine, Time" & Peeking in on Cartel

This is pretty great...

A medley of 14 songs that show Oasis' fondness (or perhaps laziness) for rhyming the words "mind", "shine", and "time":

14 Songs are used:

Born On A Different Cloud
Some Might Say
Rock n'Roll Star
Love Like A Bomb
(It's Good) To Be Free
All Around The World
Sunday Morning Call
She's Electric
Magic Pie
Listen Up
Don't Go Away
The Importance Of Being Idle

And speaking of Oasis, here's Band In A Bubble band Cartel's version of "Wonderwall"...we've been trying to get down to the West Side Highway to peek in and see what's going on in there in person. Hopefully we'll have photos of some hijinx over there later this week. I have to admit to spending some serious time watching the goings on there online. Reality shows are cool...live reality shows are better.

Cartel - "Wonderwall" mp3

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