Thursday, August 30, 2007

album review: Gabby Glaser - "Gimme Splash"

Gabby Glaser - Gimme Splash

Ask ten people what they think "the New York sound" is, and chances are you'll get ten different answers. I've been asked that question a couple of times, and as I start explaining, I always find myself including some phrase like "streetwise funky rock". When pressed further for an example, Luscious Jackson always pops up.

LJ has been dormant for sometime now, but thankfully, singer/guitarist Gabby Glaser has recently cut loose a long-player loaded with the funk-fueled, wah-pedal washed rock grooves and soulful mid-tempo burners that made her perhaps the most luscious of the Jacksons.

Gimme Splash is full of the sexy, trippy vibe that made Glaser's previous work so compelling and fun, and its diversity of sound and style makes it equally perfect for cranking up at a house party or pumping through an iPod on the subway. Thankfully not trendy or bandwagon-skitching like most records coming out of NYC lately, Gimme Splash has a sound that's timeless and au courant all at once.

Want to hear state-of-the-art "New York sound"? This is it.

Gabby Glaser - "Spirit of Long Island" mp3 buy

Gabby Glaser & The Great Ones - "Spirit Of Long Island" live at The Cake Shop, Aug 07 (courtesy PUNKCAST):

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