Tuesday, August 28, 2007

West Jersey Faux-Rappers In A&P Beet Video Brouhaha

A couple of dudes from Hunterdon County are actually being sued by the parent company of A&P Supermarkets, because they shot a goofy rap video (with permission from the store manager) that the A&P claims has prompted at least one complaint by a "disgusted and distressed" customer who said she will no longer shop at A&P because of the "repulsive acts" in the video.

"In the 4-minute, 16-second video, Mark D'Avella, 22, and Matthew D'Avella, 19, are shown in the Califon supermarket smacking each other in the crotch with beets, standing with bananas sticking out of their jeans and pretending to urinate on produce in a stock room.

The video's lyrics include the line, "I got the worst cold because my rhymes are sick, I open and close packages just for a lick." "(Daily Record - full story here)

Having read that description, it seemed right up my alley, so I had to seek it out.

Here's the video in question:

These guys, who in the video go by the name "The Fresh Beets", are actually pretty funny...and having grown up in Califon myself, I can attest that the shooting of that video is probably the most fun thing that ever happened to that store. Count me in on a boycott of that place until the lawsuit is dropped.

Drop by The Fresh Beets website to read more backstory and click through to complain to A&P.

The Fresh Beets MySpace

The Fresh Beets - "Produce Paradise" mp3

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