Thursday, December 20, 2007

MOJO HD's "Three Sheets NY Pub Crawl" Contest

You may not even realize it, but if you've got cable, there's a good chance you have a channel called MOJO HD, which they describe as a "new 100% hi-def channel that is tailored to fit your interests from exceptional food to extreme locales, from high tech toys to high stakes antics, from Wall Street to easy street and the best of sports, music, movies and more. It's 180° from ordinary and 100% high definition, because life is how you see it." Wordy sales-pitch aside, it's actually got some great programming.

One of the best things about MOJO HD is their show Three Sheets, which is more or less just comedian Zane Lamprey cruising around the world to investigate local drinking customs and trends. He's funny, the show's a lot of fun and surprisingly educational, and I end each episode wanting to leap off my couch to speed off to the liquor store.

So naturally I'm psyched to hear that Lamprey and Three Sheets have taped Three Sheets: N.Y. Pub Crawl, which they'll broadcast New Years Eve at 9pm ET/PT. The show will feature stops at sake house Satsko and beer joint Burp Castle (both on East 7th), mook champagne & cigar joint Bubble Lounge, white-cap-wearing-frat-boy hang McSorley's, and three other interesting boozeaterias.

In honor of this show featuring our own backyard haunts, extrawack! would like to give one lucky reader a Three Sheets prize pack featuring a copy of Three Sheets Season One box set, a Three Sheets T-shirt and a MOJO HD magnet set. To win this swag, be the sender of the tenth email to with the subject line "THREE SHEETS". Contest only open to U.S. readers...sorry Iceland!

Watch a full episode of Three Sheets (in Croatia!) here.

Get a map of the pub crawl here.

Check out MOJO HD's London Live hosted by one of my pretend girlfriends Sara Cox here.

In New Jersey, MOJO is available on:
- Comcast Union/Verona channel 206

In Manhattan, MOJO is available on:
- Time Warner Southern Manhattan channel 796

Siberian - "Belgian Beer and Catholic Girls" mp3

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