Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Choir Practice, Vancougar to Play Mint Showcase @ SXSW

I've heard some cool stuff about Vancouver's The Choir Practice, whose label bio suggests they "recall the beautiful harmonies of '60s Psych-folk sensations The Free Design combined with the unique song presentation of The Langley Schools Music Project". What's not to like about that description?

So naturally I was chuffed to find out they are playing Mint Records' showcase at SXSW next week:

...And I just wanna see Vancougar because there name is awesome.

Check out the Mint-y goodness here:

Bella - Give It A Night [mp3]
The Choir Practice - Red Fox [mp3]
Vancougar - Distance [mp3]
The Pack A.D. - Gold Rush [mp3]
Carolyn Mark - The One That Got Away with It [mp3]

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