Thursday, March 13, 2008

Now Batting, Methuselah

If the New York Yankees are okay with letting a 70-year old comedian take some swings with the big club, then I guess there isn't any good reason that Bob F shouldn't turn over the keys to extrawack! to someone without obvious qualifications. Wait, what? Billy Crystal is only 60? Yikes. He's uh, looking, uh, mahvelously alive for his age, I suppose.

Right about now you could be somewhere in Texas, furiously scrubbing spilled barbecue beef brisket sauce into an ironic pattern on your tight jeans as you figure out how exactly you are going to finish the wayback machine that will allow you to go back in time and catch all those great shows you missed while you were busy watching all those other great shows. Or you could be sitting in front of your computer waiting to see who will be the last of the Oceanic Six. Sadly, I'm the loser in column B.

But it could be worse. Sure, we're not stuffed inside Stubb's. But we're not stuck to our toilet seat. For two years. And we didn't miss our big date because our bed hit an overpass. There are lots of reasons to be happy with our northern placement, and a few choice options for weekend entertainment.

Bryce Dessner + Glenn Kotche (The Kitchen - 512 W 19th St - $15) Wilco drummer and National guitar man get all experimental, with visual assistance from artist Matthew Ritchie.

Helios + Zelienople + Xela + Mountains (Knitting Factory Tap Bar - 74 Leonard St - $7) Type Records showcase delivers trippy folk rock at cheap price.

The Waldos (Ace of Clubs - 9 Great Jones St -$10) Former Johnny Thunders and Richard Hell sideman Walter Lure brings the noize with surprisingly fresh punk via The Waldos.

The Pogues + William Elliott Whitmore + Marseille Figs (Roseland Ballroom - 239 W 52nd St) It's St. Patrick's day in Morristown, at least. Brave the frat boys in NYC and reap the rewards of guaranteed good times.

Let’s Have a Ball (Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - 307 W 26th St - $8) World-class lineup of local improv talent takes the stage at 7:30. Plus, $2 PBR cans!

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