Monday, March 17, 2008

SXSW Highlights - Kate Nash & Billy Bragg @ Filter Courtyard

I've been asked a bunch of times since I've returned from Austin what my favorite set of the week was, and I'm pretty sure it was Kate Nash's Filter Courtyard finale that entertained me the most.

I've never seen her live before, and she struck me as charming, smart, and very talented. And to top it all off, she sang one of my favorite songs ever, Billy Bragg's "A New England"...with Billy Bragg.

I found a clip of most of that performance on YouTube. It sounded WAY better than this clip (posted below) would lead you to believe.

And speaking of the Filter Courtyard, I want to thank the good folks at Filter for feeding me everyday...I seriously think I could live on that BBQ beef and iced tea if I had to.

Billy Bragg & Kate Nash - A New England/Foundations (Live @ NME Awards) MP3
(courtesy Turn The Page)

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