Sunday, July 06, 2008

Bakers Dozen Downloads for July...Birdmonster, Ponytail, Ed Harcourt, Watson Twins, UNKLE, The Melvins, and more!

Is it a new month already? Then that means thirteen more excellent and gratis songs are ready to be grabbed up and stuck into your music player of choice.

Birdmonster - "Born To Be Your Man" mp3

Ponytail - "Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came From An Angel)" mp3

My Milky Way Arms - "Sunshine" mp3

J Roddy & The Business - "Stop Rip and Roll" mp3

Colourmusic - "Put In A Little Gas" mp3

UNKLE - "Kaned And Abel" mp3

The Watson Twins - "Sky Open Up" mp3

Ed Harcourt - "Revolution In The Heart" mp3

Dark Captain Light Captain - "They Be Underwater" mp3

Oxford Collapse - "The Birthday Wars" mp3

Loxley - "Lamprey Eels" mp3

Locksley - "All Over Again" mp3
The Melvins - "Nude With Boots" mp3
As always, our thanks to the labels, bands, and PR pimps for hosting these gems.

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