Friday, May 12, 2006

The Bongos Reunion Shows At Joe's Pub Slated For October

The Bongos have two reunion shows scheduled for Joe's Pub on October 14! Hot on the heels of The Feelies "semi-reunion" last weekend, and The dB's reunion of late last year, maybe "The Hoboken Sound" is on it's way back...

For the uninitiated, says this:

Hoboken's Bongos — founded as a trio consisting of Richard Barone (guitar, vocals), Rob Norris (bass), and Frank Giannini (drums, vocals) — made no pretense of being anything other than a pop band; fortunately, they were a good pop band, covering guitar pop from the Byrds to T. Rex, all of it pulled together by Barone's original songs. Although he was the focal point, the other members were by no means peripheral. After their first full-length album, Drums Along the Hudson (1982), James Mastro joined and contributed some stellar hooks. After releasing a series of singles and an EP on tiny Fetish Records in 1980 and 1981, the Bongos signed to independent PVC Records. Drums Along the Hudson compiled all their previously released tracks. They then moved up to major label RCA and released the five-song Numbers With Wings (1983) and the album Beat Hotel (1985), before leaving RCA and splitting up. At their best, the Bongos made some irresistible guitar pop.

According to Richard Barone's website:

Coming soon: The long-awaited re-release of The Bongos' "Drums Along The Hudson," their debut album, with special surprise bonus tracks! And, stay tuned for the announcement of a Bongos' reunion show to launch the release! More info soon....

However, as I was cruising the Joe's Pub ticket page looking for tickets to The BellRays show, I saw "The Bongos" listed next to them in alphabetical order, and sure enough, they are on-sale now.

The Bongos' MySpace here.

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How The Bongos Changed Janeane Garafalo's World.

The Bongos - "In The Congo" mp3

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Bongos Photo above by Phil Marino.

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