Friday, December 22, 2006

A Few Holiday Downloads and a Video From Chunky Pam

Last night the extrawack! team caught The Ho Ho Horatio Sanz Christmas Show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, featuring skits about Santa visiting a gun shop on Christmas Eve (Santa to Store Owner: "This one could take out a whole Hyundai dealership, couldn't it?"), Christmas Day in Prison with John Wayne Gacy and G.G. Allin, and holiday music interludes with Pedro The Lion's David Bazan. Awesome stuff.

Anyway, that show finally has put me in the holiday spirit, so here are a few seasonal downloads to play on that new iPod speaker set-up Santa brought, while the turkey is served on Monday:

Trainwreck Riders - "Christmastime Blues" mp3

Sierra Swan - "It's A Merry Time" wma

Scissors For Lefty - "Christmas Intentions" mp3

Chunky Pam - "Merry XXXLMas (Pam I Am)" mp3

...and don't forget Mike C.'s annual holiday bash at The Goldhawk in Hoboken Saturday night. Tell him we sent ya.

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