Thursday, January 25, 2007

Contest: Name doublethink's New Album!

Awesome news for all you budding titleists out there: doublethink is running an online contest with WNHU to find a name for their upcoming full-length debut. The band will pick from the top 5 entries on the air later this spring. If your title makes the finals you'll receive a cool pack o' swag from WNHU and another from doublethink, and you'll even get a credit in the record's liner notes.

Contest's open until the air date so get in on the action, send in your ideas and who knows? Maybe you'll finally get to name something without having to pop out a kid.

doublethink's been one of my favorites since I caught them at Trash Bar last year on one of their exhausting New England tours. Batman decals, a guitar named Lover and some of the best scream-crooning since Kurt Cobain. What's not to love?

Catch their next NYC gig at Club Siberia: Feb 2nd, 8 PM.

doublethink - "Gotta Get Thru the Mud" mp3

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