Wednesday, February 21, 2007

SXSW Goes Green This Year

This time of year the Internets are rocking with news of amazing showcases and party announcements for SXSW, but as I was cruising their website tonight I found something a little different worth talking about...SXSW is taking real steps to "green up" their operations, particularly towards achieving carbon neutrality.

From their "Going Carbon Neutral" page:

Here's what SXSW has done so far. Starting, literally, at "home," the SXSW offices, we had an audit done by Texas Energy, and followed their recommendations to replace our offices' heating and cooling system with a much more efficient one, insulate the attic, replace the lightbulbs with more efficient ones, and deal with the heat-transfer of the large windows by putting a film screen to slow down the leakage. This summer, we'll be analyzing our staff's commuting and travel patterns and looking for ways to make them more energy-friendly. The SXSW Festival is working with Ecology Action of Austin to recycle all waste from our outdoor parties and events and will use biodiesel in generators and production trucks. We've got our name on a waiting list to purchase green electricity from Austin Energy's Green Choice Power Program and are supporting the Austin Convention Center in its goal to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certification by 2008. We've bought wind energy credits from Green Mountain Energy Co. and donated $5000 to the Austin Parks Department for the purchase and maintenance of native trees. We're working with Texas legislators to strengthen the state's energy policy. And, probably most importantly, we're constantly looking for new ways to implement this carbon-neutral policy.

Very impressive stuff that much of the music industry can learn a lesson from.

Anyway...since we are headed down next month to the land of newly greener indie-rock, BBQ, and hipsters carrying maps & beer in neon colored plastic cups, feel free to send party invites our way...we make swell guests, and always make proper use of recycling bins when available. Hit us at: extrawack(at)

Two "green" bands that are playing SXSW this year:

The Village Green - "When The Creepers Creep In" mp3

Green Milk From The Planet Orange - "Concrete City Breakdown" mp3

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